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Product Specifications

Product Specifications:

Dimension: 500mm500mm400mmL*W*H 
Weight: 7.0Kgs/ pc 0.3Kgs/ pc
Floating Capacity: 325Kgs/ M2
Raw Material: HMWHDPE
Preference Temperature: -60/80 
Color available: orange, blue, gray, black

Advantages  of Xinyi Float:
1.Xinyi (Float)Pontoon is made from high molecular weight high density synthetic materials- strengthened materials that are anticorrosive, antifreeze, anti-oxidation, uvioresistant and environment-friendly, which can avoid erosion from sea water, chemicals, medicine, oil stain and aquatic life;
2.Anti skid design on its upper surface can ensure safety and stability, and its four circular arc and obtuse angle shaped corners can avoid danger from cement, wood and steel facilities such as slip, puncture wound by broken sawdust, rusty nails; 
3.This product has long life span of over 15 years without any expenses spending on preservation and maintenance, unless there exists strong nature force and man induced improper use;
4.With easy, quick and flexible assembly and various shapes, this products whole modular structure ensures platform shape can be changed to fit all kinds of landscapes; bright and colorful appearance and beautiful shape can create an added special effective picture to scenic spot;
5.Its reasonable price, if we take long views, can save much more expenses and time on preservation, maintenance, replacement and repair;
6.Complete equipments for floating dock system, such as bollard, handrails,crashworthy ball, pile guide etc.

Load Capacity of Xinyi Float: 
Height of monolayer is 40cm, each one square meter is made up of four pontoons, top load is 325kgs.
Draft without load: 2.5-3cm;
Draft with load of 150kgs: 15-20cm(safe);
Draft with load of 300kgs:35-40cm(load limit)

Height of dual-layer is 80cm, each one square meter is made up of eight pontoons, top load is 650kgs.
Draft without load: 3-5cm;
Draft with load of 300kgs: 40-50cm(safe);
Draft with load of 600kgs:70-80cm(load limit)

Index of Anti Wind Wave:
1.The wave on water surface between 2-class and 3-class belongs to safe applicable range.
2.The wave on water surface between 3-class and 6-class can be applicable; however,the safety protection must be reinforced.
3.The wave on water surface between 6-class and 9-class is the restricted applicable range (it is suggested that the shipping shall not be parked and the visitors shall not be in or out). 
Attention: to avoid shaking of the dock, the area of internal lakes dock is not less than 30 square meter; the area of stage is not less than 100 square meter.

Anchoring way of floating docks

1.If water is less than 3m in depth, steel piles are to be put in proper place and then connected by wheels, which can prevent the floating dock from moving laterally but can automatically rise and fall in line with water level.
2.If water is over 3m in depth, anchoring can be used by sinking the anchorage block pulled by steel cables to the water bottom.

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