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Product Name:Single Float
XINYI FLOATING DOCK( HDPE Dock FLOATS)which are modular in nature and also have extra long life upto 15-20 years. The 3D Design makes the Docks interlocking in nature. These HDPE buoys are Cubical in shape and modular in nature that enable easy assembly and dismantling. Being modular in nature, they can be easily arranged to form a Floating DOCK/ Platform in any Size!

These Floats have anti-skid surface to prevent accidents when the Floatare wet during rains. The Floatare assembled using HDPE Short pin& Nuts & Bolts , all parts used in the assembly are metal free, therefore the complete installation is rust free. These Floathave provision for Hand Rails. The specifications of HDPE Blocks/Float are as under:
Dimension: 50cm*50cm*40cm(L x W x H)
Weight: 7.0Kgs/pc
Load Capacity: 350Kgs/ m2
Raw Material: High Molecular Weight (HMW) HDPE.

Preference Temperature: -60 to +80

Color available: Grey, Blue, Orange,Black etc.

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