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Product Name:Floating Bridge

Product Features:
Xinyi floating dock system is made of High Molecular Weight High Density Polyethylene(HMW-HDPE). 
The main components are floats and pins, easy to install and remove. 
Can be composed of any size aquatic facilities. 
Multi-purpose, lightweight, strong, anti-corrosive and pollution-free. 
Dimension of Each Float(Cube): 50cm(L)x50cm(W)x40cm(H). 

Applications of Xinyi modular dock system includes floating dock, floating jetty,floating bridges, floating pier, floating wharf, water platform,plstic quay, marine dock,walkway on water, dock floats, floating cubes, pontoon cubes, multi float pontoon, gangway, floating wooden house, yacht docks, jet ski floats, boat docks , jet ski docks, drive on docks, pwc floating dock, pwc platform,jet ski lifts,floating water platforms,floating restaurants,floating walkways, aquatic stages,water fishery ,water swimming pool etc.

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